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When water temperatures stabilize in the low to mid-70s, shad will move to shallow waters to spawn. To find shad spawning areas, be on the lake at daybreak. Most shad spawn within the first two hours each morning. Reservoir bass move along shallow ledges to feed on the shad and then retreat to deep water for shelter. In natural lakes, bass will also seek out spawning grounds to feed. If there is enough vegetation to sustain shelter, they will move into it and wait for the next feeding opportunity.

During the shad-spawning season, the majority of bass already live in shallow water because they just finished their own mating rituals. The shad move to shallow water when they spawn, which reduces the effort the weak bass have to exert. Bass that have already spawned generally move to slightly steeper banks or vertical cover. This vertical cover can be anything from flooded timber to man-made structures, such as docks. Shad will also use these vertical objects to spawn, so bass will stake them out.