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Natural Lakes

Typically, natural lakes are shallow and filled with multiple types of food like vegetation. Bass enjoy this vegetation for several reasons. Because natural lakes rarely have deep-water sanctuaries, vegetation provides shade and concealment from predators and a better chance to ambush prey. In addition, shallow lakes get very warm in the summer heat, which depletes the oxygen content of the water. Bass seek out vegetation because it generates oxygen and they hide in there.

When fishing on natural lakes, anglers should search for significant amounts of vegetation. Look for places where two or more vegetation types come together or where vegetation has a distinct edge.

In both natural lakes and reservoirs, vegetation can create very thick walls that provide a transition from feeding grounds to concealment. After a bass completes its feeding period. Anglers should target bass early and late in the day with surface baits along these vegetation edges. As the sun brightens, anglers should switch to baits that can fall through the vegetation. The goal is for bait to reach the bass resting near the bottom as it waits for the next feeding opportunity.